Michael Loadenthal (George Mason): Jah People: The Cultural Hybridity of White Rastafarians. Mark S. Fleisher (Case Western): Homosexuality as Pathogen: A Historically Informed Critique of the Theories of Sexual Violence in Prison as Manifested in the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. Alice Robb on how our IQs are climbing, but we’re not getting smarter. Un-people: Dahlia Lithwick on how the conservative crusade to declare everything a “person” — corporations, fertilized eggs — will have disastrous consequences. Geoffrey Wheatcroft on the use and abuse of Munich: The 1938 conference between Chamberlain and Hitler is misunderstood — and the blowhards who constantly evoke its memory are dangerous. Charlotte Laws on her dangerous war against Is Anyone Up?’s Hunter Moore, the most hated man on the Internet. Stopping suicide: Jennifer Michael Hecht on why ending one's life must be categorically rejected, whether on religious or secular grounds. The pope makes enemies: Brad DeLong on Thursday absolute idiocy weblogging. Tom Scocca on Dave Eggers, BuzzFeed, and our culture of smarm. Superheroes are a bunch of fascists: Richard Cooper on how today's comic-book movies are all about superior beings dominating everybody else — where's the left-wing superhero? Alan Moore talks about Fashion Beast, Jacques Derrida and modern superheroes. Cannibal habits of the common tourist: Rolf Potts on Dennis O’Rourke’s “Cannibal Tours”, 25 year later.