From The Nation, Lee Fang on the invisible hand of business in the 2012 election: Recently filed tax returns shed light on some of the dark money that flooded the campaign season. Ian Millhiser on the shady trick Justice Scalia plans to use to inject even more big money into elections. Rick Perlstein on getting down to Big Business: A conservative American romance (and part 2 and part 3); and on the Grand Old Tea Party: Why today's wacko birds are just like yesterday's wingnuts (and more). What killed England's anti-debt Country Party? Matthew Wolfson on how this forgotten chapter in history shows how the Tea Party will collapse. Alex Henderson on how the GOP is literally killing its voters. Think Republicans have been making fools of themselves? Blame Michael Needham, a 31-year-old tearing apart the Heritage Foundation. Even though they know impeachment would fail in the Senate, some House GOPers are still weighing their options. House Republicans say: What GOP crisis? Right-wingers not only root for straight white Christian males, they expect people who aren't straight white Christian males to root for straight white Christian males — add these things all together, and you get a political party that looks like it's engaged in interest group politics for straight non-Hispanic white Christians. Republican staffers and candidates are taking classes to learn how not to offend women, stop throwing around terms like "legitimate rape". The Right wing has its own Upworthy and you won't believe how well it's doing.