Jesse Keith Anttila-Hughes (USF) and Solomon M. Hsiang (UC-Berkeley): Destruction, Disinvestment, and Death: Economic and Human Losses Following Environmental Disaster. From New York, a special issue on the Year in Culture 2013. The science of sex: Katherine Rowland interviews Daniel Bergner on researching lust, the myth of female monogamy, and why “voyeurism is essential to good writing”. Alec MacGillis on why Democrats shouldn't be scared to talk about inequality. The new Pope — now officially Time's person of the year — is wildly popular; fans of change in the church should temper their optimism. Nobel-winner Edmund Phelps on his plan to help low-wage workers without raising the minimum wage. Mailing unemployment insurance checks to people who aren't so much unemployed as unemployable is obviously not an ideal public policy, but simply doing nothing for them is cruel and insane — what we need are targeted "mobilization" programs that don't rely on the outbreak of an enormous war. “Paul Ryan is the Jesus of our conference”: The Ryan-Murray deal is not is the beginning of anything — it’s the end. Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram. Lenin’s lost his head: What’s going on in Kyiv? Yana Gorokhovskaia investigates (and more). The Alfred Russel Wallace revival club: Liz Leyden on a modern effort to pull a scientific pioneer out of Darwin’s shadow. Zach Beauchamp on 5 reasons why 2013 was the best year in human history.