From Social Text, Debra Rae Cohen (SC) and Michael Coyle (Colgate): “Police and Thieves”: Citation as Struggle in the Punk Cover Song; and a special dossier on Cruising Utopia to commemorate Jose Esteban Munoz. People who are comfortable with eating meat, should be equally comfortable with killing animals, thinks UK artist John O'Shea. From The Politic, Jacek Oleszczuk interviews Seymour Hersh on Syria, Snowden and Obama. Lifehacking: Steven Poole is against the insufferable cult of productivity. From The Nation, what does the American Studies Association’s Israel boycott mean for academic freedom? Michelle Goldberg investigates (and more by Ari Kelman and more by Alex Lubin). On American campuses, there are two lefts: Michael Kazin on how an idiotic Israel boycott obscures real progress in campus activism. From Vice, James Franco on Richard Prince, Roland Barthes, and remythologizing the myth of the cowboy. Pope must decide what to do with disgraced Legion of Christ movement. The fall of the house of Tsarnaev: A five-month Globe investigation offers new insights into the two suspects in the Marathon bombings and their deeply dysfunctional family. Ta-Nehisi Coates on Mandela and the question of violence: One should never lose sight of why America preaches nonviolence to some people while urging other people to arms. Ted Cruz manages to get even more repulsive: Joan Walsh on why he's the worst.