Ernesto Oyarbide (Oxford): The Many Uses of Virtue: Aristotelian Echoes in Matthew Arnold's Culture and Anarchy. From The Washington Post, who had the worst year in Washington? Chris Cillizza investigates. Shifting Horizons: Lance Gilliam on Gadamer and the question of authorial intent. North Korea is deleting history: Tens of thousands of articles have disappeared down an Orwellian memory hole. Rightbloggers wish America a miserable War on Christmas, again. Your boss wants to be Nate Silver: Employers are developing powerful new statistical tools to judge the value of workers — here's why you should worry. Heidegger in France: Jonathan Derbyshire on Nazism and philosophy. It's the fundamentals, stupid: Ed Kilgore on how elections aren't determined by short-term “game changes”. "Corporatism" is the latest hysterical Right-wing accusation: Mike Konczal on the secret history of a smear. About 100 hundred days after the installation of the new left-wing government, the Albanian twentieth century is slowly seeping in through the cracks of the cleptocratic system that held the country together for the past eight years. Pope Francis' crackdown on Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate alarms traditionalists. Give me amendments or give me death: Emma Roller and David Weigel go inside the secretive campaign by state legislators to pass conservative amendments in 34 states and rewrite the Constitution.