Fridrik Mar Baldursson (Reykjavik) and Richard Portes (LBS): Gambling for Resurrection in Iceland: The Rise and Fall of the Banks. Mahama Tawat (ECMI): The Birth of Sweden's Multicultural Policy: The Primacy of Olof Palme's Ideas. Gyorgy Simon Jr. (Corvinus): The Swedish Model in the Context of Modern Economic Growth. From Social Evolution Forum, Peter Turchin on getting to Norway, and on paradoxes of the Nordic model (and part 2). Nick Haekkerup on how the American Dream comes to life in Denmark. From, Steve Rushton on how Nordic Europe is guarding the commons; on how Iceland's ALDA movement seeks a roadmap toward systemic change; and on the wisdom of the Icelandic crowd-sourcers. One country saved its Jews — were they just better people? Michael Ignatieff on the surprising truth about Denmark in the Holocaust. Cockblocked by redistribution: Katie J.M. Baker on a pick-up artist in Denmark. Rosie Goldsmith on Iceland, where one in 10 people will publish a book (and more). It's official: Iceland is the best place in the world to be a woman. Is Scandinavia female friendly? Nima Sanandaji wonders. Steve Vickers on Vrango, an island with a rescue plan. Police in Iceland kill a man for the first time ever. A look at why violent crime is so rare in Iceland. Why does Sweden have so many billionaires? High taxes and a generous welfare state are no barrier to Nordic riches. Helen Vatsikopoulos on how TV shows like Borgen put Denmark on the map. Scandinavian style: Sophie Pinkham reviews My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgaard. John Emerson on sexual customs of the Icelanders. Sweden's refugee policy sets high standard, offering Syrian asylum seekers permanent residence and a chance to resettle. Ryan Jacobs on why so many Icelanders still believe in invisible elves. The newest portrait of the Danish royal family was unveiled to the public to a chorus of screams.