From the Journal of Economic Perspectives, a symposium on the First 100 Years of the Federal Reserve, including Ricardo Reis (Columbia): Central Bank Design; Gary Gorton and Andrew Metrick (Yale): The Federal Reserve and Panic Prevention: The Roles of Financial Regulation and Lender of Last Resort; Barry Eichengreen (UC-Berkeley): Does the Federal Reserve Care about the Rest of the World?; and Martin Feldstein interviews Paul Volcker. Brad DeLong on Janet Yellen as central banker. John Sides on how Democratic and Republican appointees to the Federal Reserve aren’t that different, after all. Can Yellen’s Fed sidestep lurking monsters? There is always a crisis lying in wait for central bankers. Stan Fischer is an incredible choice to be the Fed’s #2 — here’s why (and more). Limiting the Fed: The Fed has taken on too much, with the result that it creates moral hazard in the financial system. The central banker who changed his mind: John Aziz on why Narayana Kocherlakota's shift shouldn't come as a surprise. From Wonkblog, Neil Irwin on everything you need to know about the Volcker Rule; there are six big arguments against the Volcker Rule — here’s why they’re wrong (and more); everything you need to know about the Fed’s big meeting; and Neil Irwin on how history should judge Ben Bernanke. From Bloomberg, an editorial on the Bernanke Doctrine. Age shall not weary her: America’s central bank has become ever more powerful over the past century. Robert L. Hetzel reviews The Great Inflation: The Rebirth of Modern Central Banking. Can we get rid of inflation and recessions forever? Miles Kimball explains how a simple policy change could eliminate downturns and inflation forever.