A new issue of the International Journal of Islamic Thought is out. Chembea S. Athuman (BIGSAS): The Islamic World of Spirits: Myths or Reality? Marko Babic (Warsaw): Two Faces of Islam in the Western Balkans: Between Political Ideology and Islamist Radicalization. Gwendolyn Yvonne Alexis (Monmouth): Sorry, But Its the Law: The Westernization of Islam; and The Post-Secular State and Religious Liberty: The FBOization of Immigrant Integration. Nilufer Gole on Islam's disruptive visibility in the European public space. Dominique Avon reviews L’Europe et l’islam. Quinze siecles d’histoire by Henry Laurens, John Tolan, and Gilles Veinstein. What does it mean that such a large proportion of Muslims in Europe are "fundamentalist"? Cas Mudde wants to know. The first chapter from Before and After Muhammad: The First Millennium Refocused by Garth Fowden. How widespread is Islamic fundamentalism in Western Europe? Erik Voeten investigates. Jan-Jaap de Ruiter on how Muslims in Europe hold more liberal attitudes than Muslims in Islamic countries and than non-Muslims in some of Europe's less liberal countries. Jonathan Laurence on Islam and social democrats: Integrating Europe’s Muslim minorities. Elizabeth Segran on the rise of the Islamic feminists: Muslim women are fighting for their rights from within Islamic tradition, rather than against it. Why are Muslims finding it harder to complete the haj? Elaine Housby reviews Islamic Globalization: Pilgrimage, Capitalism, Democracy and Diplomacy by Robert R. Bianchi.