Alisher Akhmedjonov (Zirve) et al: Russia’s Regions: Governance and Well-Being, 2000-2008. Andrey Shcherbak (HSE): Nationalism in the USSR: A Historical and Comparative Perspective. From Semionaut, while having the reputation of a timeless classic in the Western world, red lipstick was considered outdated by Russian females for a long time — but new generations grow and times change; and Marina Simakova on decoding democracy: Who’s next in this Pussy Riot marketing quest? Leon Neyfakh on why Russia’s drinkers resist AA: It’s not easy to export the American recovery movement — even to a nation that needs it. Henry Farrell on why Putin bailed out the Ukraine: to prevent unrest from spilling over into Russia. Bathsheba Demuth reviews Our Riviera, Coast of Health: Environment, Medicine, and Resort Life in Fin-de-Siecle Crimea by George Lywood. Graeme Gill reviews Can Russia Modernise? Sistema, Power Networks and Informal Governance by Alena V. Ledeneva. Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan on Russia's surveillance state. Roque G. Vitanza on a chronology of the rise and fall of the Soviet Union in relation to oil. Brigid O’Keeffe on the Soviet Union, Esperanto, and historical imagination. Adam Blanden on Russia and the Left: From statism to civil society. Pawel Pieniazek on unchecked aggression against Russia’s LGBT community. What is Putin thinking? Joshua Tucker on four possible answers: Sochi, Navalny/Ukraine effect, game theory, or Mandela.