A new issue of the Journal of Social Inclusion is out. J. Bryan Hehir (Harvard): Nonproliferation: A Global Issue for a Global Ethic. S.N. Balagangadhara (Ghent): Some Theses on Colonial Consciousness. Gina Apostol on Borges, politics, and the postcolonial. From LARB, a review essay on post-financial crisis spiritual reading by Jeffery Atik. Jeffrey Morris reviews An Historical-Legal Analysis of the Impeachments of Presidents Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and William Clinton: Why the Process Went Wrong by Arnold H. Leibowitz. Leah Price on when doctors prescribe books to heal the mind: Can you read your way to psychological health? The introduction to Jews and the Military: A History by Derek J. Penslar. Katie Heaney on the silly science of near-death experiences: There's no way to prove whether or not someone's had an out of body experience, but that hasn't stopped scientists from trying to study the phenomenon. From FDL, a book salon on The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity by Ellen Brown. James Gustave Speth on why prioritizing growth is bad policy. Mark Nevitt on defending the environment: A mission for the world's militaries. The Army goes green, but not to save the Earth. When “life hacking” is really white privilege: Jen Dziura on how personal development gurus can get away with whatever they want, so why can’t you? Glenn Greenwald's new media company is a bespoke firm — and we may be about to see a lot more like it. Jake Heppner 39 test answers that are 100% wrong but totally genius at the same time.