Walter E. Block (Loyola): The Natural Rights of Children. Ori Friedman (Waterloo): How Do Children Represent Pretend Play? From The Hedgehog Review, Diane M. Hoffman (Virginia): Raising the Awesome Child; and Carl Desportes Bowman (Virginia): Holding Them Closer. Growing up poor changes children’s brains and may even shorten their lives: A new study adds to the evidence that poverty has lingering effects on young minds (and more). Big Mother is watching you: Judith Shulevitz on the creepy new technology of spying on your kids (and a response). Rewild the child: A week in the countryside is worth three months in a classroom. Jake Johnson on fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in your kids. Apps for brats: American parents snap up apps to make their children less horrible. Children today are cossetted and pressured in equal measure — without the freedom to play they will never grow up. Marlena Graves on raising Christian kids in a sex-filled culture. Inside the outrageous world of child cage fighting: Tiny boys who are trained to attack each other in America’s baby MMA arenas. Should we be allowed to choose the sexual orientation of our children? Alice Dreger wonders. Hilary Levey Friedman on parents' scary trust in after-school programs: How much do you really know about that soccer coach or piano teacher? Parents, don’t panic about your kids’ social media habits: Danah Boyd tries to puncture some myths about teenagers and the Internet. The opium is our children: Rory Stewart believes we have gone from ancestor worship to descendant worship. Get your kicks: No wonder adolescents jump off cliffs and fall in crazy love — they are constantly stifled by school and society alike.