Christopher A.D. Charles (UWI): Saggy Pants and Exposed Underwear: The Politics of Fashion and Identity Transactions. Colin J. Beck (Pomona): Revolutions: Robust Findings, Persistent Problems, and Promising Frontiers. Caroline Mala Corbin (Miami): Abortion Distortions. Anti-abortion Republicans are largely quiet as Israel adopts liberal abortion law. Is Robert Gates’ book a White House betrayal, or bonanza for democracy? Kalev Leetaru on King Snowden and the fall of Wikileaks: The whistleblower refugee has dominated the media — and displaced Julian Assange. In the future, most people will live in a total surveillance state — and some of us might even like it. From Salon, “surveillance breeds conformity”: Natasha Lennard interviews Glenn Greenwald on why privacy matters and his hope for his new venture; one code to rule them all: Andrew Leonard on how big data could help the 1 percent and hurt the little guy — what happens when they get it wrong?; and fire the owners and nationalize all sports: Alex Pareene on how full communism is the only solution to dumb owners. From Town and Country, Kevin Conley on the 10 Richest CEO Exit Packages of All Time (one warning: 9 out of 10 record holders are either bald or gray). Whitney Mallett on personal ads: In an online milieu where everyone markets themselves, net artists have made selling out its own medium. Marian Tupy on human progress: Not inevitable, uneven, and indisputable. From Practical Ethics, is networking immoral? Ned Dobos wonders.