Justin Fox (WUSTL) and Richard Van Weelden (Chicago): Hoping for the Best, Unprepared for the Worst. Mark Shirk (Maryland): Beyond Pirates, Terrorists, and Mercenaries: Towards a Relational Understanding of Violence and Threat. Philip Stephens on the grab for Greenland: The world’s great powers have the Arctic’s natural resources and trade routes in their sights. Soft-focus time for celebrity offspring: You didn’t have to be the son or daughter of somebody famous to be written about in the New York Times Magazine during 2013, but it helped. Going the distance: David Remnick goes on and off the road with Barack Obama. Witzkrieg: Mark Bryant looks at those elusive masters of Nazi propaganda, the German cartoonists of the Second World War. From TNR, would you feel differently about Snowden, Greenwald, and Assange if you knew what they really thought? Sean Wilentz wonders. Jonathan Chait on how deficit scolds are holding the unemployed hostage. Lydia DePillis on how toilet paper explains the world. From FT, is it OK to do nothing? In our achievement-orientated culture there is a danger of construing as “nothing” any activity without a clear end-product; and should we be more stoic? Rightbloggers continue outreach to women with "Lena Dunham is Ugly" campaign. If you celebrate MLK Day by denouncing affirmative action, yewww might be a conservative. No, Jane Austen was not a game theorist: William Deresiewicz on how using science to explain art is a good way to butcher both.