The inaugural issue of Glocalism is out, on hybridity, including Zygmunt Bauman (Leeds): Glocalization and Hybridity. Steven L. Schwarcz (Duke): Bypassing Congress on Federal Debt: Executive Branch Options to Avoid Default. Michael Plaxton (Saskatchewan): Nussbaum on Sexual Instrumentalization. From The Point, Anton Barba-Kay on the world of Coca Cola. We live in a golden age of information — but what exactly is information? Thinking through the savage machinery: Dan Monaco on Peter Temin and economic crises. Tom Gallagher on how those still going on about Ralph Nader electing Bush in 2000 should desist. Pareto humanity: The 19th-century Italian's musings on political and economics hold surprising insights into what it is to be human. Guy Lancaster reviews Theatres of Violence: Massacre, Mass Killing and Atrocity throughout History. From TPM, a brief history of GOPers saying crazy things about women, birth control and the holy terror of the female orgasm. Going postal goes abroad: From 2011, knowing the history of the phrase “going postal” helps us understand how America exports killing sprees to angry young men worldwide. Kyle Gervais reviews The Lure of the Arena: Social Psychology and the Crowd at the Roman Games by Garrett G. Fagan. Do white NBA players suffer from reverse discrimination? Let your head shine no longer: Istanbul is on its way to becoming the world capital of hair and beard transplants.