Aaron Winter (Abertay): Anti-Abortion Extremism and Violence in the United States. From the inaugural issue of the Indonesian Journal of International and Comparative Law, Robert W. McGee (Fayetteville State) and Wendy Gelman and Thomas J. Tarangelo (FIU): How Serious is Tax Evasion? An Empirical Legal Answer. From Analise Social, a special issue on the work of Michael Mann. From NYRB, Jeffrey D. Sachs on our dangerous budget and what to do about it. Kristallnuts: Rightbloggers accuse liberals of conspiracies against the rich and Right-wing. McKenzie Wark on A Tale of Zero Cities: “The Bay Area has the problems a lot of other cities wish they could have”. The United Nations' highest court drew a new maritime boundary between Peru and Chile, awarding Peru parts of the Pacific Ocean but keeping rich coastal fishing grounds in Chilean hands. Giedrius Subacius on the death of a language: It is often said that every two weeks a language dies — but the statement belies a complex reality, in which languages are transformed, replaced or simply vanish along with their users. James Delbourgo on the Triumph of the Strange: What, then, is the power of curiosity, both past and present? Beautiful daughters and rich tournaments: Karoline Doring on the pleasures of the East in correspondences between Ottoman sultans and Christian princes in the 14th and 15th century.