Benjamin E. Goldsmith (Sydney), Yusaku Horiuchi (Dartmouth), and Terence Wood (ANU): Doing Well by Doing Good: The Impact of Foreign Aid on Foreign Public Opinion. From American Diplomacy, Walter Roberts on U.S. public diplomacy: A look to the past; and Thomas Pickering on U.S. public diplomacy in troubled times. Do ambassadors matter? These days, they're mostly salespeople for American business. Kurt Campbell reviews American Statecraft: The Story of the US Foreign Service by J Robert Moskin. Frederick Black reviews Empire of Ideas: The Origins of Public Diplomacy and the Transformation of U.S. Foreign Policy by Justin Hart. The World According to Zbig: Charles Gati interviews Zbigniew Brzezinski. David Rohde on how John Kerry could end up outdoing Hillary Clinton. Only foreign policy can rescue Obama's second term: John Judis on why he needs a deal in Iran or Israel/Palestine. Ted Galen Carpenter on Congress' worst-of-both-worlds approach to foreign policy. Richard S. Grossman on why foreign policy must be more ideological than economic policy. Gregorio Bettiza on religion and American foreign policy in the context of the postsecular turn in world politics and the social sciences. Steve Dobransky on the critical ascension of rare earth elements in global politics and U.S. national security. Jordan Robertson on a new twist in international relations: The Corporate Keep-My-Data-Out-of-the-U.S. Clause. Joshua M. Pryor on global hemp prohibition and American foreign policy. Bruce Jentleson on crowd-sourcing American foreign policy: Here's a sampling of ideas from 21,000 students enrolled in a massive online course on foreign policy.