Antonio Sanchez-Bayon (UCJC): Freedom of Religion at Large in American Common Law: A Critical Review and New Topics. Christopher C. Lund (Wayne State): Rethinking the “Religious Question” Doctrine. Caroline Mala Corbin (Miami): Corporate Religious Liberty: Why Corporations Are Not Entitled to Religious Exemptions. Can a pluralistic commonwealth endure? Brian McCall reviews The Political Problem of Religious Pluralism and Why Philosophers Can't Solve It by Thaddeus J. Kozinski. Zachary R. Calo reviews The Tragedy of Religious Freedom by Marc O. Degirolami. Gabriel Arana on “religious liberty”, the next big front in the culture wars. T.F. Charlton on “accidental activism” and redefining religious liberty. These "religious freedom" bills are the new Stand-Your-Ground laws: Eric Sasson on how Arizona's proposed law would have frightening unintended consequences. Until the whole is leavened: Kevin D. Williamson on religious freedom for the butcher and baker, not just the bishop (and more) Jillian Rayfield on how “religious liberty” is just another word for discrimination. Scott Lemieux on why it's not illiberal to defend fundamental rights: Making everyone a conscience onto themselves isn't liberalism, but anarchy. Ed Kilgore on how the “religious liberty” campaign may be backfiring for conservatives. Looking back, 2013 is likely to be remembered as the final collapse of the old, confrontational Religious Right in favor of a less partisan, more pragmatic approach. Reagan’s Christian revolt: George M. Marsden on how conservatives hijacked American religion. Can the evangelical church embrace gay couples? A new wave of thinkers says yes and is looking to Scripture for support.