Isabel Lofgren (EGS): Philosophy and Desert Islands: What We're Really Thinking About When We Travel to a Desert Island. From the Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology, a special forum on the Philosophy of Martial Arts; Sylwester Czopek (Rzeszow): Prehistoric Cultures of Warriors or Warriors of Prehistoric Cultures?; and Wojciech J. Cynarski interviews Wojciech Pasterniak on the possibilities of spiritual sports training. Gosh, you mean there's a good reason Obamacare is so complicated? CBO teaches Republicans the lesson that governing is hard. A tale of two countries: While politicians in Kiev are scared to mention federalisation because of its separatist undertones, in reality it is already happening. From The Baffler, John Summers reports from “The People’s Republic of Zuckerstan” — once known as the liberal community of Cambridge, Massachusetts, now a playground for startup science and tech professionals. Ted Polhemus on why “youth” is an outdated myth. Sultan Moulay Ismail of Morocco, "The Bloodthirsty", reputedly sired hundreds of children and perhaps more than a 1,000; now computer simulations suggest this could have been possible if the ruler had sex about once a day for 32 years. Tom Perkins is winning: The rich already vote more. How the tables have turned: Gay tolerance is again a wedge issue — this time against Republicans. Sochi’s bleak future: A look back at former Olympic hosts reveals why the Russian city could be in deep trouble. Is Pussy Riot’s music actually any good? Digby Warde-Aldam wonders.