Simon Chesterman (NUS): Crimean War 2.0: Ukraine and International Law. Ivan Katchanovski (Ottawa): The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, and the Nazi Genocide in Ukraine. Miles Maftean reviews Divided States: Strategic Divisions in EU-Russia Relations, ed. Scott Nicholas Romaniuk and Marguerite Marlin. Why is Ukraine’s economy such a mess? Rosie Gray on how the truth is made at Russia Today: “It was my first job and I feel embarrassed and ashamed” — an inside look at what it’s like to work at the Kremlin-funded media outlet. From the Los Angeles Review of Books, a forum on Academic Activism: Israelis, Palestinians, and the ethics of boycott. Alyssa Rosenberg on how ignoring ideology makes “House of Cards” boring. Rachel Tabachnick on Ted Cruz and ALEC: Seceding from the union one law at a time. The X Factor: Jill Lepore on history and Hillary Clinton. Dave Weigel on the overrating of Rand Paul 2016. Jonathan Ree writes in defence of Heidegger: You do not have to admire a philosopher personally to admire his work. Some white people tried to rally for their race. How did Irish-Americans get so disgusting? Andrew O’Hehir on stupid tattoos and New Age music on one hand, snarling TV right-wingers on the other — it didn't have to be this way. Kevin Kelly on why you should embrace surveillance, not fight it. It would take skill, concentration — but also relaxation — not to mention terrific coordination, to navel gaze while masturbating while riding a unicorn: Benjamin Kunkel is having a moment.