Richard Salvucci (Trinity): Capitalism and Dependency in Latin America. Mauro Boianovsky (Brasilia): Between Levi-Strauss and Braudel: Furtado and the Historical-Structural Method in Latin American Political Economy. Jose Miguel Mendoza (Los Andes): The Fractures in Latin American Finance; and The Political Economy of Capital Markets in Latin America. Carlos Scartascini (IDB) and Mariano Tommasi (San Andres): Government Capabilities in Latin America: Why They are so Important, What We Know About Them, and What to Do Next. From “Bello”, the Economist's new column on Latin America, relearning old lessons: Latin America’s enduring need for the rule of law, education and openness. David Luhnow on the Two Latin Americas: A continental divide between one bloc that favors state controls and another that embraces free markets. From Vox, Louise Cord, Leonardo Lucchetti, Carlos Rodriguez Castelan, and Adam Ratzlaff on prosperity and poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean; and Augusto de la Torre, Eduardo Levy Yeyati, Samuel Pienknagura on Latin America's fashionable scepticism: Setting the record straight. It is often difficult to understand how countries that are dealt a pretty good economic hand can end up making a major mess of things; it is as if they were trying to commit suicide by jumping from the basement. Are the golden years for Latin America over? Ignacio Munyo and Ernesto Talvi investigate. Latin America leans forward: Enrique Krauze on how the region is showing a maturity without precedent in its turbulent history.