From New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry, a special section on Nature on the Move. Mary Bunch (UWO): The Unbecoming Subject of Sex: Performativity, Interpellation, and the Politics of Queer Theory. David Orozco (Florida State): The Knowledge Police (“This article provides an in depth analysis and critique of the Office of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator’s (IPEC’s) efforts to date”). Kathryn Hobson (Bloomsburg): Performative Tensions in Female Drag Performances. From Ink to Inc.: Big-name literary branding isn’t new — look at Twain or Hemingway; but today, even novice writers must nurture a social-media presence — Arianna Huffington, Nate Silver, and Ezra Klein have branded their way to the top of Journalism 2.0. Banking without banks: By offering both borrowers and lenders a better deal, websites that put the two together are challenging retail banks. Light touch: Rachel Cohen on how smart regulation and technological innovation ruined a perfectly good conservative crusade against government. From Media Matters, which '90s Hillary Clinton hater will Fox host next? Ed Kilgore on how rebels on Left and Right are sick of compromise. Rage Against the Machines: Ian Bogost on how the real danger of videogames isn't violence; it's swindling. Michael Lind on how college-educated professionals could doom progressive politics: If there were a real progressive movement in the U.S. it would side with producers against rentiers — of all kinds. You can download Intellectuals and the People by Angie Sandhu (2007).