From Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies, a special issue on Ontological Anarche: Beyond Materialism and Idealism. From Himal Southasian, May Jeong on the war bubble: Uncertainty defines Afghanistan’s economic situation as the country anticipates the international community’s disengagement; Fariba Nawa on the many faces of the diaspora: With tens of thousands of educated Afghans fleeing the country, an imminent brain drain threatens the reconstruction of Afghanistan after 2014; and Jennifer Fluri on barometers of “success”: Afghan women, development and geopolitics. The introduction to How Do You Know? The Economics of Ordinary Knowledge by Russell Hardin. Armed Right-wing militia members descend on Nevada to help rancher defy court order. Objectively bad: Elias Isquith on Ezra Klein, Nate Silver, Jonathan Chait and return of the “view from nowhere”. The Volokh Conspiracy is out to get you — and everyone in America. The Right searches for Obamacare replacement, finds Obamacare. Theda Skocpol on why Republicans need to suck it up and learn to love Obamacare. This is the hack gap in all its glory. Rep. Jim Moran explains why America's “elite” Congress should be paid more. The socialist case for nuclear energy: David Walters on how technology can achieve Marx’s vision of a new society. Jia Lynn Yang on how the search for Flight 370 shows just how much pollution has landed in the world's oceans. Andrei Linde on the Big Bang and the biggest discovery of all time. Barry Petchesky on how the Ultimate Warrior was an insane dick.