Julius Bailey (Wittenberg): When Apollo and Dionysus Clash: A Nietzschean Perspective on the Work of Kanye West. Amanda C. Leiter (American): Soft Whistleblowing. Kent Bach (SFSU): Loaded Words: On the Semantics and Pragmatics of Slurs. From American Political Science Review, Brandice Canes-Wrone (Princeton), Tom S. Clark (Emory), and Jason P. Kelly (Virginia Tech): Judicial Selection and Death Penalty Decisions; and Carles Boix (Princeton) and Frances Rosenbluth (Yale): Bones of Contention: The Political Economy of Height Inequality. From Crooked Timber, Scott McLemee is back, ready to complain: On the Marxist Internet Archive and Lawrence & Wishart. Our Nudge in Chief: David Cole reviews Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas by Cass Sunstein. Are parts of the Republican base animated by racial prejudice? By sheer coincidence, conservative martyrs keep turning out to be huge racists. Insane comments about black people became a conservative specialty for a reason (and more). The Right's racial blinders: Brian Beutler on what really explains the politics of the Obama era. The tiny Pacific nation of the Marshall Islands is taking on the United States and the world's eight other nuclear-armed nations with an unprecedented lawsuit demanding that they meet their obligations toward disarmament and accusing them of "flagrant violations" of international law. George Scialabba on the real and the ideal: Reflections on Partisan Review. Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah announce reconciliation deal. What if Flight 370 is never found?