Asa Palviainen (Jyvaskyla): National Identity and a Transnational Space: The Strength of Tradition in a Time of Change. Ganzi Isharaza (Leeds): Examining the Relevance of National Borders in a Globalized World. Olivier Walther (Southern Denmark) and Denis Retaille (Bordeaux): Rethinking Borders in a Mobile World: An Alternative Model. Liam Anderson (Wright): Ethnofederalism in Comparative Perspective. Boris Bizumic (ANU): Who Coined the Concept of Ethnocentrism? Sergio Fabbrini (LUISS): Navigating the Murky Waters of Nationalism: Why Europeans Have to Consider the American Experience. A Brief Report. Richard Arneson (UCSD): Is Patriotism Immoral? Michael S. Kochin (Tel Aviv): Education after Freedom. Paul Anderson (Pompeu Fabra): Scotland and Catalonia: A Tale of Two Nations, from Devolution to Independence? Asya Pereltsvaig on Brittany, another independence-seeking European region. Basil Chulev on the invention of the "Slavic" fairytale. Jean A. Stuntz reviews Borders: A Very Short Introduction by Alexander C. Diener and Joshua Hagen. Hanna Clutterbuck reviews Nations: The Long History and Deep Roots of Political Ethnicity and Nationalism by Azar Gat. The entropy of nations: If Adam Smith were a physicist and alive in the 21st century he might be tempted to compare people or nations to molecules and to replace the phrase "hidden hand" with "thermodynamic process". John O’Sullivan on the case for nationalism. Self-determination, a right in three parts: Emily Catherine Davis on exploring the history of the principle and the legitimacy of claims to the right by persons, states, and dependent peoples in international law.