From Diametros, a special issue on Kant’s Moral Philosophy and Contemporary Practical Ethics. Enzo Rossi (Amsterdam) and Matthew Sleat (Sheffield): Realism in Normative Political Theory. David Sidorsky (Columbia): Monistic Ideals, Plural Values, and the Limits of Philosophy. Robert Jubb (Leicester) and Enzo Rossi (Amsterdam): Political Norms and Moral Values and Why Moralists Should Be Afraid of Political Values: A Rejoinder. Md. Munir Hossain Talukder (Jahangirnagar): In Defence of Geo-Cultural Identity: An Argument Against Kymlicka's View of Multiculturalism and Minority Rights. Emanuela Ceva (Pavia): Toleration, Respect, and the Cultural Defense. Justin Bruner (UC-Irvine): Diversity, Tolerance and the Social Contract. Fabian Schuppert (QUB): Towards a Republican Understanding of Equality: Non-Domination, Non-Alienation and Social Equality. Adam McLaughlin (Ottawa): Non-domination as Positive Liberty: A Taylorian Assessment of Pettit's Freedom as Non-domination. Alan M. S. J. Coffee (King's College): Two Spheres of Domination: Republican Theory, Social Norms and the Insufficiency of Negative Freedom. Kyla Ebels-Duggan (Northwestern): Moral Education in the Liberal State. Petra Gumplova (Giessen): Morality as a Political Problem. Anne Schwenkenbecher (Murdoch): Joint Duties and Global Moral Obligations. William A. Edmundson (Georgia State): Ought We to Do What We Ought to be Made to Do? G.A. Cohen on the Political and the Personal. Donald J. Kochan (Chapman): The Mask of Virtue: Theories of Aretaic Legislation in a Public Choice Perspective. Gopal Guru on two conceptions of morality: A political reading.