Francine J. Lipman and Dawn Davis (UNLV): Heal the Suffering Children: Fifty Years after the Declaration of War on Poverty. Susannah Camic Tahk (Wisconsin): The Tax War on Poverty. Joseph M. Dodge (FSU): The Fair Income Tax. Atif Mian and Amir Sufi on the most important economic chart. Danny Vinik on the real reason liberals support higher taxes on the rich: It's not about tearing the rich down — it's about raising everyone else up. Matt Bruenig on America's class system across the life cycle. Why don't the 1 percent feel rich? The merely rich are making more, but they're not worth more — it's the 0.01 percent that are creating our new Gilded Age. Andrew Prokop on the new study about oligarchy that's blowing up the Internet, explained. What oligarchy means: Sahil Kapur interviews Princeton's Martin Gilens. Boer Deng on the silver lining to our oligarchy. Tina Dupuy on how not to talk about wealth inequality. Hamilton Nolan on how the mega-rich get the best government welfare. David Cay Johnston on the shocking numbers behind corporate welfare: Boeing and its stockholders fly high on tax dollars. Orlando Sotomayor on Puerto Rico’s billionaires strategy. We have met the enemy: A review of Creditocracy and the Case for Debt Refusal by Andrew Ross (and more). Some conservatives say income inequality is a good thing — the evidence suggests otherwise. Begging the inequality question: Many of us dislike inequality not because we envy the mega-rich but because it is (sometimes) a symptom of malfunctioning markets, that “the system is rigged". Are teen jobs becoming a luxury good? A sharp decline in work for youth is depriving a generation of key skills — especially the kids who need them most. Helaine Olen on how our brains aren't to blame for our financial woes.