Alyssa Hadley Dunn and Mari Ann Roberts (Georgia State), Erica K. Dotson (Clayton State), Jillian C. Ford (Kennesaw State): “You Won't Believe What They Said in Class Today”: Professors’ Reflections on Student Resistance in Multicultural Education Courses. Troy J. Scott (RTI): The Economic Efficiency of Progressive Taxation. Robert W. McGee (Fayetteville State): Ethical Aspects of Economic Sanctions: A Third Theory. From Diplomatic Courier, a series examining the role of UAVs — commonly called "drones" — exploring the uses of unmanned aerial technology outside of traditional or well-publicized wartime uses. Josh Marshall explores the origins of the Legend of Joe Biden. Harold Pollack on the surprising policy legacy of Ladies Home Journal. At nonprofits, millions missing with little explanation: An analysis finds more than 1,000 groups have had a “significant diversion” of assets since 2008. Confronted with climate change, Rightbloggers advocate resistance (to doing anything about it). William Giraldi on Joseph Epstein, the importance of reading, and the role of the critic. Multilinguals have multiple personalities: Alice Robb on how flipping from one language to another can reveal a whole new you. From Edge, an interview with Edward Slingerland on the paradox of wu-wei. Nicholas Confessore on on how a quixotic ’80 campaign gave birth to Kochs’ powerful network. From The New Yorker, how big a job is the presidency? Jeff Shesol investigates. In one week, Ukrainians are scheduled to choose the successor to the interim president — how prepared is Ukraine to hold an election? Normcore is not a joke: It's the natural result of our sarcasm and irony-drenched culture.