Ravi Kashyap (CityUHK): The Uncertainty Principle of the Social Sciences. Joel J. Van der Weele (Amsterdam): In Defense of Formal Modeling in the Social Sciences. Taddese Mezgebo (Mekelle): Twilight of Rationality: Rational Analysis of Social Reengineering and Methods Used in Social Sciences. David R Cole (Western Sydney): Lost in Data Space: Using Nomadic Analysis to Perform Social Science. Guido De Blasio, Diego Scalise, and Paolo Sestito (Bank of Italy): Universalism vs. Particularism: A Round Trip from Sociology to Economics. Rasmus Gronfeldt Winther (UC-Santa Cruz): Determinism and Total Explanation in the Biological and Behavioral Sciences. From the International Social Science Council’s World Social Science Blog, Nazli Choucri on new challenges for the social sciences in the 21st century: the salience of cyberspace; and Laura Pereira and Timos Karpouzoglou on how #SocialScienceIsAwesome. John Bellamy Foster on how the World Social Science Report 2013 makes it abundantly clear both through its explicit statements and its all-too complicit silences that a revolutionary reawakening in social science is desperately needed today. Arguments connecting social sciences and philosophy: Francisco Osorio interviews Ian Jarvie, founding editor of the journal Philosophy of the Social Sciences. The Qualitative Data Repository aims to increase the transparency and reproducibility of qualitative research. The introduction to Agent Zero: Toward Neurocognitive Foundations for Generative Social Science by Joshua M. Epstein. Justin Wolfers on how Gary Becker transformed the social sciences. Is the domain of "all social phenomena" a valid subject for scientific study?