Ben Little (Middlesex): Parties, Causes and Political Power. David Hesmondhalgh, Kate Oakley, and David Lee (Leeds) and Melissa Nisbett (King’s College): Were New Labour’s Cultural Policies Neo-liberal? Stuart White and Martin O'Neill on the New Labour that wasn't: The lessons of what might have been. Ben Jackson and Martin O’Neill interview Jacob Hacker on what he means by predistribution; its political and economic implications; and why he thinks it has struck a chord in today’s Labour Party. Remember Cool Britannia? K. Biswas reviews A Classless Society: Britain in the 1990s by Alwyn W Turner. From Juncture, David Runciman on the crisis of British democracy: Back to the ’70s or stuck in the present? (and a response). From the inaugural issue of Demos Quarterly, for the past generation a combination of economic and social liberalism has been intellectually and politically dominant — but, argues David Goodhart, something is stirring across party lines that wants to build on what is best in the two liberalisms while also attending to their silences, failings and unintended consequences (and responses). Welcome to Militant England: UKIP now appeals to disillusioned voters across the political spectrum and of all classes in the U.K. Taking down Nigel Farage: The Tories have kept their cool against the UK Independence Party — now they must attack it. The U.K. Independence Party, led by Nigel Farage, is gaining traction — if only they could get the racist extremists among them to pipe down. The new revolutionary conservatives: Paul Jackson on the Traditional Britain Group, a curious phenomenon and one of growing significance.