Gurminder K Bhambra (Warwick): A Sociological Dilemma: Race, Segregation and US Sociology. Pedro Gonzalez (Saint Thomas): Race and Ethnicity in Video Games: A Reflection of Social Reality: Racism, Hate Speech and Prejudice: A Manifestation of Social Stereotypes. Paul A. Gowder (Iowa): Racial Classification and Ascriptive Injury. From the forthcoming Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism, here is the entry on racism, structural and institutional by Kasey Henricks. Slurs, stereotypes, and in-equality: Adam Croom reviews “Discursive Colorlines at Work: How Epithets and Stereotypes are Racially Unequal” by David G. Embrick and Kasey Henricks. Racism is a framework, not a theory: We can think of racism not a scientific theory but as a way of understanding the world. The paradox of racism: Andrew Gelman on why A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race, and Human History, the new book by Nicholas Wade, is both plausible and preposterous (and more and more and more and more and more). Eric Holder wants to talk about “subtle” discrimination — this is what he means. Jesse Singal on how racism doesn’t work the way you think it does. A look at how scarcity of resources might make people more racist, shows cool face-morphing study. Does racism make you less creative? Nicholas Hune-Brown investigates. Tanzina Vega on how students see many slights as racial “microaggressions”. From Vox, Ezra Klein on how you can be a beneficiary of racism even if you’re not a racist. The racism beat: Cord Jefferson on what it’s like to write about hate over and over and over. An interactive map shows where America's hate groups are. Gary Younge on the truth about race in America: It’s getting worse, not better.