Matias Dewey (Max Planck): Crisis and the Emergence of Illicit Markets: A Pragmatist View on Economic Action Outside the Law. Michael Della Rocca (Yale): Adventures in Rationalism (“Many philosophers today think that rationalism is a crazy view. However, this paper argues in support of rationalism, and explores its implications.”) From Languages of the World, what is phonemic diversity, and does it prove the out-of-Africa theory? Asya Pereltsvaig on tracing Indo-European languages back to their source — through the false mirrors of the popular press. From Edge, Steven Pinker on writing in the 21st century. Jesse Singal on why we need to get better at identifying mass killers before they strike. From New York, Obama promised to do 4 big things as president — now he’s done them all; and do Democrats need Hillary Clinton to save them in 2016? Here are four things to keep in mind about the public opinion landscape facing Clinton. Democrats may have a "Hillary or Bust" problem, but that's nothing compared to the GOP's policy problem. Rightbloggers appear to attack returning POW Bergdahl — but he's not the real target. Joseph Stromberg on 7 things the most-highlighted Kindle passages tell us about American readers. Tomasz Sikora on the pornography of bare life. George Dvorsky on why a "sex chip" could be considerably more trouble than it's worth. Awkward-but-nonetheless-competent people of the world, unite! Let's come up with our own way of giving off positive first impressions. Paul Krugman on interests, ideology and climate: The monetary stakes, it turns out, are not the biggest obstacle to rational action on global warming.