A new issue of Liberal Arts in Russia is out. Anni Kangas (Tampere): Governmentalities of Big Moscow: Particularising Neoliberal Statecraft. Anna V. Dolidze (UWO): The Non-Native Speakers of International Law: The Case of Russia. Sergei Ziryanov, Aleksandr Vasilyevich Ponedelkov, and Sergey Alekseevich Vorontsov (RANEPA): Problems of Modernization of Modern Russian Elite. Alyona Artamonova and Ekaterina Sergeevna Mitrofanova (HSE): Is Cohabitation an Alternative to Marriage in Russia? Victoria Sakevich (HSE) and Boris Petrovich Denisov (Moscow State): Birth Control in Russia: Overcoming the State System Resistance. Konstantin Moshe Yanovskiy and Sergei Zhavoronkov (Gaidar Institute) and Daniel E. Shestakov (HSE): The Limits of Governmental Intervention: Some Ways How Government Belongs in the Bedroom and Nursery. The Ghosts of Beslan: Anna Nemtsova on why the memory of a mass hostage-taking — and the botched rescue attempt that followed — continues to haunt Russia. Sergey Kuznetsov on when Russians thought the Internet would make them free. Peter Pomerantsev on how Russia is building shopping malls where Stalin held show trials. To Russia, with tough love: Masha Gessen recounts the literary history of Moscow and describes why she’s become disillusioned with the city of her birth; and on the dying Russians (and a postscript). From Russia with love: Mr. Magazine on different media, similar challenges. Are Americans kinder than Russians? Natalie Shure on Russian memes explained. Zack Beauchamp on Russia's bizarre obsession with psychics and the occult. J. Lester Feder and Anton Lysenkov on how the father of Soviet pornography became a crusader against “gay propaganda”. Pavlov’s real quest: Michael Specter reviews Ivan Pavlov: A Russian Life in Science by Daniel P. Todes. Putin gave all Russians the right to carry a rifle anywhere — what could possibly go wrong? Amy Knight on Flight MH17: Will Russia get away with it?