Joseph Raz (Oxford): Normativity: The Place of Reasoning. Loren Abell and Gayle Brewer (Central Lancashire) and Minna Lyons (Liverpool): The Relationship between Parental Bonding, Machiavellianism and Adult Friendship Quality. Ubaldo Lugli (UWED): The Concept of Myth. Jared Bielby (Alberta): The Heritage of WikiLeaks: A History of Information Ethics. David Cay Johnston on how Google and Apple make their taxes disappear. Richard Vedder and Joseph Hartge on the fight over football funding: Universities with middling football teams decide how to balance athletic budgets with student needs. College athletes of the world, unite: Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes in Jacobin on the exploitation of college athletes. Brando Simeo Starkey on college sports aren't like slavery — they're like Jim Crow. Mark Schlissel, University of Michigan president, laments how athletics often trumps academics. Livia Gershon on making college work for student-athletes. Dennis Mersereau on how the National Weather Service, the most important and effective federal agency, needs a total overhaul. Tamara Keith on the fleeting obsessions of the White House Press Corps. David Brooks hands out his annual Sidney Awards (and part 2). A dangerous question: Does Internet advertising work at all? James Carden and Jacob Heilbrunn on The Washington Post and the most reckless editorial page in America. Rich Juzwiak and Aleksander Chan on unarmed people of color killed by police, 1999-2014. Carimah Townes and Dylan Petrohilos on who police killed in 2014. German Lopez on why 2014 could be a turning point for America’s racist criminal justice system.