From Der Spiegel, an interview with Jordan's King Abdullah: "Yes, we do have a nuclear program". A review of Deception: Pakistan, the United States, and the Secret Trade in Nuclear Weapons by Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark; The Nuclear Jihadist: The True Story of the Man Who Sold The World's Most Dangerous Secret and How We Could Have Stopped Him by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins; and America and the Islamic Bomb: The Deadly Compromise by David Armstrong and Joseph Trento (and more). Prepare for the day Iran goes nuclear, says Martin van Creveld, for eventually it will. Why the Iranians see themselves in a very different light: They think they have right on their side. In the search for loose nukes, a little propaganda goes a long way. A review of The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger by Jonathan Schell. More and more and more and more on Richard Rhodes' Arsenals of Folly: The Making of the Nuclear Arms Race. Nuclear history as environmental history: A review of Conservation Fallout: Nuclear Protest at Diablo Canyon by John Willis. Is atomic radiation as dangerous as we thought? A mounting number of studies are coming to some surprising conclusions about the dangers of nuclear radiation: It might not be as deadly as is widely believed.