Lauren Ashwell (Bates): Gendered Slurs. Natasha Lennard interviews Brad Evans, co-author of Disposable Futures: The Seduction of Violence in the Age of Spectacle. Are humans truly unique, and how do we know? Jennifer A. Dunne and Marcus J. Hamilton wonder. There’s a theory going around that Donald Trump might be in an even better position than you think: Could Donald Trump be the 2016 version of a reverse “Bradley effect”? Emma Roller on Donald Trump’s unstoppable virality. Donald Trump isn’t a fascist; he’s a media-savvy know-nothing. On shit: Mark Edmundson on profanity as weltanschauung. Year in review: Was 2015 as bad as it seemed? 2015 was the best year in history for the average human being: Violence dominated the headlines this year — but by many measures, humanity is in better shape than it’s ever been.