From Political Science and Politics, a special issue on How to Better Communicate Political Science’s Public Value. From The Monkey Cage, political scientists are debating a new initiative to make research more trustworthy, but transparency seems good, until it isn't; and political scientists are debating how to make research more transparent — here’s a way forward. Henry Farrell on how the rediscovery of Renaissance writer Lucretius opened the way to the modern world (and, more important, the invention of political science). Paul Krugman on the regime change problem in American politics: “So far this cycle the political scientists aren’t doing too well”. What influences policy? Ask a political scientist, not an economist — this is why Paul Krugman is wrong about the Federal Reserve. Daniel Drezner on why political science can’t — and shouldn’t — be too much like economics. Yes, Benedict Anderson was a political scientist. The Weekly Standard makes a fact-free argument about political science.

Uzbek president Islam Karimov bans teaching of political science. Matthew Flinders on dangerous minds: “Public” political science or “punk” political science? Former political science professor Jeff William Justice forced students to pierce his chest with hooks, hang him from trees.