Benjamin Wells-Wallace on the real scandal of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. Clinton’s Republican outreach a step too far for already suspicious liberals (and more). Clinton Derangement Syndrome: Sarah Kendzior on diagnosing the real reason that so many Americans hate Hillary. Republicans can’t decide if Hillary is a She-Devil or not: The GOP was happy to portray Clinton as evil incarnate — then Trump came along. Brian Beutler on the GOP’s new delusion: Hillary would be losing badly to any other Republican. Sean Wilentz on how a Clinton presidency could transform America: While Trump’s rise wrecks the GOP, Clinton’s success marks the resilience of the Democratic center. Hillary’s looming legitimacy crisis is the GOP’s fault: The Republican Party, no less than its nominee, is incapable of accepting the Democratic Party’s right to rule.

Is Trump wrecking both parties? In the long run, the significance of the Trump campaign may well prove to be the changes he has wrought in the Democratic coalition. A racially diverse America could make the economy less important to elections. Alice Ollstein on Donald Trump’s veiled signals to white supremacists. Trump supporters haven’t been affected by trade or immigration at all, study says (and more and more). Trump’s biggest fans would also be some of Trump’s worst victims. Is the “lesser of two evils” an ethical choice for voters? If you believe one candidate is a moral disaster, you might be obligated to vote for his or her opponent. You choose or you lose: Picking between major party candidates is the only way to affect the race’s outcome.

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GOP insiders say Trump can’t win: “Trump is underperforming so comprehensively — it would take video evidence of a smiling Hillary drowning a litter of puppies while terrorists surrounded her with chants of ‘Death to America’” (and more). Bob Burnett on Trump’s missing money: “Ad buys, GOTV operations, and money management, in general, will demonstrate that Hillary Clinton is a better manager than Donald Trump”. Donald Trump is doing pretty well considering that he isn’t advertising at all. Things still matter: Jon Favreau on what to remember about the presidential election when Donald Trump’s comeback narrative begins. Pat Buchanan warns that if Donald Trump loses the election in November, America could experience a revolution. Francis Wilkinson on how the Trump campaign proves the system isn’t rigged. Zeynep Tufekci on how the election won’t be rigged — but it could be hacked.