America's top case study: Trump’s personality provides for a fascinating psychological case study. Sarah Kendzior on applying the Billy Bush principle to Donald Trump (don't be a sycophant). Justin Davidson on Donald Trump’s war against facts. Don’t be fooled: Closing the Trump Foundation doesn’t solve Trump’s conflict of interest problems. From Vox, a guide to the most powerful jobs in the Trump administration and the people filling them. Rick Perry, as energy secretary, may be pressed to resume nuclear tests. White nationalist Richard Spencer tries to distance the “alt-Right” from Trump. “Alt-Right” groups will “revolt” if Trump shuns white supremacy, leaders say.

Hungarian Miklos Haraszti: I watched a populist leader rise in my country — that’s why I’m genuinely worried for America. If the very worst happens, it won’t be because we didn’t know that it might happen — we have all been amply warned.