From NYRB, Steven Weinberg on the trouble with quantum mechanics; and can we escape from time? John Lanchester reviews Time Travel: A History by James Gleick (and more). The "grandfather paradox" of time travel has been puzzling philosophers, quantum physicists and novelists for years — now there's an answer. Just how much of physics is real, and how much of reality is physics? Physics may be a small but crucial fraction of our reality. Why science should stay clear of metaphysics: Meet the philosopher who revived anti-realism. Claudia Ribeiro (Lisbon): Unjustified Criticism of Metaphysics. Alfred Driessen (Twente): The Role of Philosophy as a Guide in Complex Scientific and Technological Processes.

When science went modern: If advances in knowledge were never-ending, could any scientific theory or empirical result count as real knowledge — true forever and always? The dark energy of a theoretical physicist: For Lisa Randall, science is the best way to deal with the foolishness of everyday life.