James Hohmann on 11 stories from President Trump's first 100 hours that deserve more attention (and more). Trump prepares orders aiming at global funding and treaties. A spy odyssey: Can Trump control the CIA? President Trump's rejection of science represents a threat to national security. What President Trump doesn't understand about job creation (and destruction). President Trump wants to kill these 17 federal agencies and programs — the total cost, per American, of the programs said to be on the chopping block is $22.36 per year. Trump's "orders" are essentially memos to his advisers. Trump's flashy executive actions could run aground. Take Trump seriously, the savvy pundits said, but not literally — were they ever wrong.

Trump's delusion about voter fraud is very useful to the GOP. Trump's deep insecurity is fueling his most extreme plans: He's relying on his most loyal advisers and trying to please his most hardcore supporters — because only they make him feel good about himself. President Trump's tweets are not for you. Whatever else you're worried about, rest easy: Financially speaking, things look promising for Donald J. Trump in 2017. Does the emoluments clause lawsuit against President Trump stand a chance?

It's no Trump Tower, but White House has "beautiful" phones. Being president is seriously cutting into Trump's TV time. Trump is a self-deluded narcissist — what on earth does this have to do with fascism?