Alarmed by Trump plans, some refugees see growing enmity in US. The Islamic State wanted the West to fear refugees and Muslims — it worked (and more). More important than ever: Defending immigrants and refugees during the Trump presidency. Kristen De Pena and Matthew La Corte on four reasons why President Trump is wrong to ban refugees. We'll see you in court: David Cole on why Trump's Executive Order on refugees violates the Establishment Clause (and more). Trump has suspended due process for Muslims in America — this is a constitutional crisis. Malevolence tempered by incompetence: Trump's horrifying Executive Order on refugees and visas.

President Trump's first defeat: The immigration order creates an international mess — and a political embarrassment. Top Republicans denounced Trump's Muslim ban on the trail — now they support his executive order. The very long list of Republicans in Congress who have taken no position on Trump's refugee ban. Yet again, Republicans demonstrate the mean-spiritedness at the dark heart of their party. Donald Trump, the refugee ban, and the triumph of cruelty: "Some political philosophers like to theorize about what goods governments should try to promote, the things that are best in life like freedom and happiness and dignity that should be maximized. Shklar devoted her life to considering the bads government should avoid and fight".

"The world is a mess": Trump explained why he doesn't fear backlash to his immigration order. "Refugees detained, as people around the world feel the impact of the refugee ban…And what's on @realDonaldTrump's mind? Election coverage". Don't be surprised by Trump's immigration crackdown — be shocked. Watch Jared Kushner's grandmother talk of refugee plight, warn against another Hitler. Christian leaders denounce Trump's ban to favor Christian immigrants. Pope Francis: You cannot reject refugees and call yourself a Christian. "In today's episode of Massive Hypocrisy: #MarchForLife #MuslimBan".

Stella Burch Elias (Iowa): The Perils and Possibilities of Refugee Federalism ("It argues that, in accordance with the Supreme Court's longstanding immigration federalism doctrine, states may not exclude refugees from their territories. But, it also proposes that states may nonetheless benefit from playing a more active role in refugee selection, admission, and integration").