From Politico, Michael Grunwald on Trump’s yuge Week One: What really mattered, and what didn’t. Masha Gessen on the styrofoam presidency. Office that protects whistleblowers fires warning shot across Trump's bow. David Cole on how Trump is violating the Constitution: He is trying to have it both ways, serving himself, his family, and his far-flung business interests while simultaneously making foreign and domestic policy decisions that will inevitably have direct effects on his personal holdings. Dave Denison interviews Zephyr Teachout, author of Corruption in America: From Benjamin Franklin's Snuff Box to Citizens United.

Make American dystopias great again: What do homegrown worst-case scenarios look like? Never underestimate the staying power of autocratic rulers. The best theory for why Trump tells such obvious lies (and more). Jack Shafer on how Trump is now assigning the news. Why liberals should root for Fox News: The cable news network and the Wall Street Journal are uniquely positioned to hold the Trump administration accountable — will they? John Herrman on Donald Trump and the theater of access. Only 3 million of Trump's 20 million Twitter followers are active domestic users.

“IMPORTANT. Donald Trump filed with @FEC for 2020 reelection on January 20th, 2017. This is major for several reasons”.