From Public Seminar, Sanford Schram on the political psychology of the president: Freud not Orwell on Trump and his lying. The snake: Donald Trump's favorite story perfectly describes his first 10 days in office. Mark Graber on the normal politics of abnormal presidents. What will America look like after four years of Donald Trump? The emerging picture is ugly. Radicalizing American politics is part of the game plan for Team Trump. President Bannon's hugely destructive first week in office: The puppet master is leading the Trump administration down a road of carnage. Thread: "We are just seeing the beginning of the damage Steve Bannon is able and willing to cause to America's position in the global order".

From The Atlantic Monthly, David Frum on how to build an autocracy: The preconditions are present in the U.S. today — here’s the playbook Donald Trump could use to set the country down a path toward illiberalism. Lawrence Lessig on rules for a constitutional crisis. The inevitability of impeachment: Given the sheer danger to the Republic as well as to the Republicans, Trump's impeachment will happen — the only question is how grave a catastrophe America faces first. Republicans have one big incentive to stick with Trump. Michael Kinnucan on why Republicans are impressive — their disciplined commitment to a clear ideology has yielded results.

Paul Ryan is not spineless: He would never stand silent if Trump attempted to implement even a tiny tax increase on the highest-earning one percent. Trump labor pick Andrew Puzder: 52% of country is dependent on government, "votes benefits to themselves". Meet the "New Ted Cruz": He was supposed to battle Hillary Clinton for the White House — now, he's playing nice with the GOP establishment he once scorned and making friends with Donald Trump. What does the billionaire family backing Donald Trump really want? The Mercers are enjoying more influence than ever with their candidate in the White House — but no one seems to know how they intend to use it.