Anu Partanen on the fake freedom of American health care. Nancy Pelosi was right: Democrats had to pass the bill so people could find out what’s in it. Death spiral, implosion, collapse? Uh, none of the above — and that’s what Republicans really can’t stand about Obamacare: It’s working. David Frum on how Republicans can win by making their peace with Obamacare. Undoing and replacing the Affordable Care Act means bridging a vast gulf between the expectations of many working-class Trump voters and party orthodoxy. Whom to trust when it comes to health-care reform? Trump supporters put their faith in him. Why Trump’s “betrayal” of his voters won’t stick: Trump's budget would punish the rural poor and working class — but his base is broader than advertised, and they're sticking with him for myriad reasons. Agnieszka Golec de Zavala and Christopher Federico on how “collective narcissism” explains at least some of President Trump’s support.

Abandoned by both sides, a secret society of Trump regretters begins to build. Paul Krugman on conservative fantasies, colliding with reality. Here are 4 reasons why the Trump budget cuts won’t happen. Brian Beutler on what Trump might do when he realizes he’s losing: Republicans are distancing themselves from his budget, and he's doing the same with their Obamacare alternative — this could end in terrifying fashion.