Daniel L. Chen (TSE): Markets, Morality, and Economic Growth: Competition Affects Deontological Judgment; and Egoism vs. Altruism: Does Intermediation Reduce Altruism? The Organization of American States decides to have a serious talk with Caracas. Nevada is about to be the first state in more than three decades to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. The trouble at Fox News keeps getting worse. Time for some fame theory: Meet Eric Garland, the eccentric liberal analyst whose unhinged tweetstorms have made him Twitter-famous. Gonzalo Nicolas Villanueva on a short account of a long history of defending ducks. In our Google era, indexers are the unsung heroes of the publishing world.

Why it matters that Pence won’t have dinner with a woman who isn’t his wife. It’s a problem when men avoid one-on-one meetings with women. Emma Green on how Mike Pence's marriage became fodder for the culture wars.