Six reasons the Trump presidency is in shambles: Sean Illing interviews George C. Edwards, author of Predicting the Presidency: The Potential of Persuasive Leadership. How the Trump administration responds to Democrats’ demands for information: It doesn’t. The Republicans have primed our government for failure: They need Democrats to govern but trained their voters to expect otherwise — this spells disaster for us all. Trump's attacks on the House Freedom Caucus force his supporters in conservative media into awkward position. Thread: “1. Jared Kushner is 36 years old and has no experience in policy or government. His only work experience is inheriting a real estate biz”.

Trump leaves science jobs vacant, troubling critics. Trump has nothing but contempt for facts and reality-based policy — now it’s backfiring. Thomas Edsall on when the president is ignorant of his own ignorance. Empty, easily distracted, vindictive, shallow, impatient, incompetent and morally small — this is not the profile of a governing party. The 25th Amendment is not a fantasy: The people who are most acutely aware of Trump’s mental deficiencies and titanic character flaws are those who have to deal with him every day.