From Boston Review, half a man: Notes on gender apartheid in Iran. The left told feminists to wait for equality in 1970s Britain, today they are told to wait for it in Saudi Arabia, but the time to fight is always ripe. Here are some vile, abusive comments from Cif readers as a tiny taste of what feminists have to put up with. Girl power: What has changed for women—and what hasn't. Downstairs upstairs: Women have not escaped the kitchen; it has come after them. If a woman's sexuality is still defined by the male experience, how can this be deemed sexually liberating or empowering? A review of Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men? A Debate by Warren Farrell and James P. Sterba. A review of Rethinking Domestic Violence by Donald G. Dutton. Why Title IX matters: Women's educational equity turns 35, and there's a lot to celebrate. A review of Great Big Glorious Book for Girls by Rosemary Davidson and Sarah Vine and A Girl for All Seasons: The Year in High Heels by Camilla Morton.