Pippa Norris (Harvard): Is Western Democracy Backsliding? Diagnosing the Risks. America’s two-front war of ideas: There’s no consensus on the greatest ideological threat to the United States. Authoritarianism gets smart: Modern authoritarian states excel at keeping up democratic appearances, while keeping the real sources of their power inscrutable and so safe from public scrutiny. Dirty foreign money’s existential threat to democracy: Cultivating corrupt political proxies in order to sow chaos in the West is a game as old as the Comintern itself — but a set of technological, social, political, and above all financial innovations have made the old playbook much more effective.

Mitchell Bate on Aleksandr Dugin and the death of globalism. Anne-Marie Slaughter on nationalists and globalists. William Magnuson on the new world order: Every country for itself. Stephen Walt on how not to fix the liberal world order: Donald Trump’s in-house foreign policy intellectual Michael Anton doesn’t know what he’s talking about. “Anybody who thinks there’s nothing to preserve in the global order desperately needs to look at this beautiful chart”. The West isn’t ready for a revolution: Americans keep using a political buzzword — without knowing what it means.