Ambassador’s tweet accidentally reveals that Trump is violating the Constitution: This is why the emoluments clause is important. Donald Jr. admits there is no barrier between President Trump and his businesses. Donald Trump’s travel expenses in 10 weeks cost US taxpayers as much as Barack Obama spent in two years. Donald Trump’s lifestyle could cost taxpayers nearly $1 billion. Karen Yourish and Troy Griggs track the president’s visits to Trump properties. Trump kids push for changes to White House policies to maximize profitability of Trump brand. Trump’s White House is a family business — that’s not a bad thing. The case for kleptocracy: The most effective check on President Trump’s worst instincts may be his family’s desire to subordinate public policy to the needs of their brand.

Eric Trump: Nepotism is a “beautiful thing” as he says US President’s children are more likely to speak truth to power. “Ivanka gets a lot of credit for things that don’t actually amount to anything”. Jared and Ivanka are not good people, they are enablers — also, there is no evidence that suggests they have ever actually done anything positive for the country.