U.S. foreign policy and the Trump administration’s Axis of Adults: Can the foreign policy apparatus of the Trump administration excel at its job? As Trump plays the global strongman, what happened to “America First”? The president may have swapped isolationism for interventionism, but it is still unclear whether he’s acting on instinct or shaping a cohesive policy. Does Trump still believe in Trumpism? Donald Trump’s keep-them-guessing foreign policy, explained by the NSC’s Michael Anton (and a thread: “Quick Machiavelli thread. M is often read as exhorting leaders ‘not to be good’, but there are some crucial caveats”; and an unexpected side effect of studying political theory is that it allows one to understand that Trump’s “intellectuals” are 100% full of shit).

“Literally all it takes is bombing some stuff”. Tough talk and indiscriminate bombing are not a successful foreign policy.